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Q. How do I know what scale is the most useful for what I need?

A. The smaller the number on the right, the more detail you get. Most public lands maps are between 1:24,000 and 1:126,720.

Q. Can I see an area of the state in more detail?

A. Yes. For each map you see on the web page, you can download a pdf (about 1 M each). Open the pdf in Acrobat Reader (download here). Use the zoom tool (magnifying glass icon) to focus in on an area, and the pan tool (hand icon) to move around. You can also zoom to a specific scale by typing in the percentage in the lower left corner. We recommend starting at about 300%. Once you have found your destination, you can easily determine which maps you will need.

Do I need all the maps you recommend?

For general recreation, you usually only need the map(s) listed at the top of the page. For instance, if you click on Flathead National Forest, you may only want the Flathead map, though you may need the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex map as well. However, the list we offer includes all maps which cover that area, in order of relevance. If you require topography, you will probably need something in addition to the Forest Service maps.

If you are looking for maps for a hunting unit, you will need all the maps that are listed. The last item on each page is a CD with all the land status maps for a given state, should you prefer to print custom maps.

Q. I need a USGS map.

A: Go directly to USGS. Following are links to resources which will help you find and buy the maps you need.
USGS Map Finder

Find your map with an interactive interface.
Map Lists

Lists by state, name, latitude or longitude.
Additional USGS Map Resources

Q: How do I download Acrobat Reader to read your pdf maps?

A:Click here to open the Acrobat download page in a new window. Then follow the simple instructions at the bottom of the window to download a version compatible with your computer. When the file has finished downloading to your computer, you might have to use a decompression utility (such as WinZip or Stuffit) to extract the application.

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