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Maps for the region Kaibab National Forest North Kaibab Ranger District

Forest Service Maps

Map: Kaibab North AZ
Agency: Forest Service
Forest Service map displays trail and road information, important visitor tips, and all Forest Service facilities, including sanitary waste stations. This maps shows the Kaibab Plateau area north of the Grand Canyon. Map includes the Jacob Lake recreation area with campgrounds, RV area, and services. Map shows Kanab Creek, Saddle Mountain, and Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Areas. Includes numerous forest trailheads, campgrounds, and the North Rim Visitor Center area of the Grand Canyon. Enjoy scenic driving the roads shown. Map is useful for OHV use, and AZ Hunting Units 12AE, 12AW, and 12B. On tear-proof synthetic paper. 2012

Item No. 1593512015

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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Arizona National Scenic Trail, Demotte Campground, House Rock Wildlife Area, Indian Hollow Campground, Jacob Lake Campground, Kaibab Plateau-North Rim Scenic Byway, Kanab Creek Wilderness, North Rim Campground, Saddle Mountain Wilderness

BLM Maps

Map: Fredonia AZ - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
Differentiates between public and private land, and also among the various agencies who manage the public lands. AZ Hunting Areas 12A, 12B, and 13A. Located on the Arizona Strip with areas of the Vermillion Cliffs Widerness nearby. Camping, hiking, backpacking, OHV riding, and scenic driving in the Kaibab National Forest and the north access highway to the Grand Canyon. Scale 1:100,000 (roughly 3/4 inch = 1 mile). 2015

Item No. 100FREDONIA

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Bureau of Land Management Maps

Map: Grand Canyon AZ - Surface Management Map
Agency: Bureau of Land Management
This map of the Grand Canyon differentiates between public and private land, and also among the various agencies who manage the public lands. Explore the northern Kaibab National Forest; has hiking tails, camping, backcountry hiking, and scenic diving/views. Access highway to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is included on this map. AZ Hunting Units 9, 10, 12AE and 12AW and 13A. Hwy 18, the access road to Havasupai Indian Reservation and Hualapai Hilltop(Havasu Trail Trailhead) is on the map. Scale 1:100,000 (roughly 3/4 inch = 1 mile). 2001


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Other Maps

Grand Canyon Trail Guide North Kaibab
Agency: Other
Pocket-sized trail guide to the sights, history, and water holes of the north Kaibab trail. Hiking and backpacking on the trail. It is 6.8 miles to Cottonwood Camp and 14.2 mile to the Colorado River. Includes Grand Canyon-specific safety and hiking tips. 2005


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Arizona Road & Recreation Atlas
Agency: Other
The seventh edition is greater than ever with the updated edition which features even more recreational information. Identifies political and natural boundaries, land status, and topography. Includes city maps. Best of all, all roads shown in the atlas are passable in a station wagon!

Item No. 929591976

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Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer
Agency: Other
Show topographic features, township and range line, and many other features to delight the adventurer or land user. Atlas is great for travel anywhere in Arizona; includes recreation areas, some hiking trail information, campgrounds, national forest roads, AZ hunting units, and Grand Canyon information. Helpful for OHV/4WD use. Scale 1:250,000. 1 in. represents 4 miles. 2010

Item No. 0899333257

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