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Maps for the region Seeley Lake 1:100K BLM Quad

BLM Maps

Seely Lake - Surface Management Map
Agency: BLM
Map shows part of Flathead National Forest and Bob Marshall Wilderness, the Mission Mountains Wilderness, part of Lolo National Forest and Rattlesnake Wilderness, and Seeley Lake. Opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and scenic driving are available. Camp at one of the many developed campgrounds at the lakes shown on the map, or backpack into one of the wildernesses, the trails are marked. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership. Map shows color coded public and private ownership, roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, and the township and range lines. Use for hunting Deer, Elk, and Mountain Lion in Units 130, 150, 280, 281, 283, 282 and 285; and for hunting Moose in Units 130, 150, 280, 285, and 292. 2010


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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Big Larch Campground, Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Management Area, Holland Lake Campground, Lake Alva Campground, Lake Inez Campground, Lindbergh Lake Campground, Mission Mountains Wilderness, Monture Creek Campground, Old Condon Ranger Station, Owl Creek Packer Campground, Rattlesnake Wilderness, River Point Campground, Seeley Lake Campground

Forest Service Maps

Map: Flathead National Forest
Agency: Forest Service
Covers the entire forest and most of Glacier National Park. Shows color-coded land ownership, roads, trails, water features, campgrounds, and other recreation sites within the forest. Includes Flathead Lake, Lake Mary Ronan, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Scapegoat Wilderness, Great Bear Wilderness, and Hungry Horse Reservoir. Enjoy scenic driving, camping, fishing, boating, horseback riding, and hiking. Forest is easily accessed from Columbia Falls or Condon. This official forest service map is scaled at 1/2"=1 mile, no topographic detail. Map is useful for MT Hunting: Elk and Deer Units 102,103,110,120,130,132,140,142,150,151, and 170; Bear Units 102,103,106 and 107; Moose Units 110,111,112,130,140, and 141; Mt. Lion Units 102,110,120,130,132,140,141,170, and 151. 2015


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Map: Flathead NF Swan Lake Ranger District
Agency: Forest Service
This sectional map of Flathead National Forest covers the Swan Lake Ranger District and the western parts of Hungry Horse and Spotted Bear Ranger Districts. Map is divided into a north half, and a south half. Map(north half) includes the western part of Hungry Horse Reservoir, Jewel Basin Hiking Area, Swan Lake, Swan River State Forest, and the eastern shore of Flathead Lake. Explore the forest roads, scenic drive along the lakes, enjoy camping, boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, and hiking. Explore the Jewel Basin Area on foot, hike the trails to the various lakes in the basin. Only hiking is permitted in Jewel Basin. The south half includes Mission Mountains Wilderness, the south part of Swan Lake Ranger District below Swan River State Forest, Lindbergh Lake and Holland Lake, and the small forest section west of Flathead Lake(Island Unit). Official national forest map is scaled at 1: 96,000 (5/8 inch = 1 mile), includes topographic detail with contour lines and elevations. Shows all color-coded lands, roads, waterways, trails, campgrounds, points of interest, other recreation sites, and township and range lines. The map includes information about motorized off-road travel (ATVs, motorcycles, etc.), and mountain biking. This map is topographic and is printed on paper. This map is useful for MT Hunting: Deer and Elk Units 120,130,132, and 140; Bear Units 105 and 106; Moose Units 112 and 130; Mt. Lion Units 120,130,132,140, and 170. 2013


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Map: Lolo National Forest- Seeley RD
Agency: Forest Service
Covers the Seeley Ranger District of the Lolo National Forest east and west of Seeley Lake, which is northeast of Missoula. Explore the forest, travel to the many lakes shown on the map, enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and boating, and scenic driving along the Clearwater River. Map also shows sections of Mission Mountains Wilderness, Scapegoat Wilderness, and Bob Marshall Wilderness for those interest in backpacking, hiking, or horseback riding on the marked wilderness trails. Official map is scaled at 1"=1 mile. Shows all lands, water features, roads, OHV roads, trails, campgrounds and other recreation sites, and points of interest within the forest. The map includes information about motorized off-road travel (ATVs, motorcycles, etc.) Printed on synthetic waterproof material. Map is useful for MT Deer and Elk Hunting Units 282, 283, 285, and 292; MT Moose 150, 280, 285, 292, and 293. 2014


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Other Maps

Montana Road & Recreation Atlas
Agency: Other
A great atlas to have when travelling in Montana or through the state. It gives detailed information on campgrounds, trailheads, RV parks, game management units, hunting, public lands(color coded), recreation, and much more. Includes roads from interstates to backcountry roads; BLM, forest, county, and state campgrounds; private RV resorts, historic sites, fishing sites, and much more. Useful for planning a day trip from any town in Montana. 2015


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Montana Atlas & Gazetteer
Agency: Other
Atlas covers roads, topography, recreation sites, cultural facilities, and much more. A great atlas to have when travelling in Montana or through the state. Provides suggestions for finding unique natural features, family outings, and outdoor adventures. Gives listings of RV resorts, campgrounds, and fishing sites. Special features include Glacier National Park map & gazetteer; GPS use, BLM & state lands (color coded); publicly owned lands locater map; shaded relief maps, and some hunting information. Scale is 1:250,000 (1"=4 miles), contour interval is 100 or 200 feet depending on terrain. 2013


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