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Maps for the region Mount Hood National Forest map

Forest Service Maps

Mount Hood National Forest Map Waterproof
Agency: Forest Service
East of Gresham and Portland or Estacada travel into the forest, scenic drive along the Clackamas River or the White River, stay at the numerous campgrounds, and fish the rivers or in the lakes including Timothy Lake. Enjoy scenic driving from Gresham to Dallas along the Columbia River, visiting, camping, and hiking in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area, and scenic viewing the waterfalls along the way. This map shows camping and recreation areas, corrals, other Forest Service facilities, roads, water features, points of interest, color-coded surface management ownership, and township and range lines. This map covers the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness, the Clackamas Wild and Scenic River, Fifteenmile Creek Wild and Scenic River, the Mount Hood Wilderness, Badger Creek Wilderness, Opal Creek Wilderness, Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Salmon Huckleberry Wilderness and the Salmon Wild and Scenic River. Forest roads and trails are clearly marked. Scale is 1/2" = 1 mile, 2005. Synthetic paper. Map is useful for OR Hunting Units 16, 41, and 42. 2003

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The above map may be useful for the following recreation destinations: Alder Flat Campground, Alpine Campground, Armstrong Campground, Badger Creek Wilderness, Badger Lake Campground, Barlow Creek Campground, Barlow Crossing Campground, Bear Springs Campground, Bonneville Lock & Dam, Bonney Crossing Campground, Bonney Meadow Campground, Boulder Lake Campground, Bridal Veil Falls State Scenic Viewpoint, Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Camp Creek Campground, Camp Ten Campground, Camp Windy Campground, Carter Bridge Campground, Clackamas Lake Campground, Clackamas Wild & Scenic River, Clackamas Wilderness, Clear Creek Crossing Campground, Clear Lake Butte Lookout - rental, Clear Lake Campground, Cloud Cap Saddle Campground, Collawash Wild and Scenic River, Cooper Spur Ski Area, Cove Campground (The Cove), Devil's Half Acre Campground, Eagle Creek Campground - Columbia River Gorge NSA, Eightmile Crossing Campground, Fifteenmile Campground, Fifteenmile Creek National Recreation Area, Fifteenmile Creek Wild and Scenic River, Fish Creek Campground, Fish Creek Wild and Scenic River, Five Mile Butte Lookout Tower - rental, Flag Point Fire Lookout - rental, Forest Creek Campground, Frog Lake Campground, Gibson Prairie Horse Campground, Gone Creek Campground, Green Canyon Campground, Hideaway Lake Campground, Highrock Springs Campground, Hood Wild & Scenic River, Hoodview (Timothy Lake) Campground, Horseshoe Lake Campground, Indian Henry Campground, Joe Graham Horse Camp, Keeps Mill Campground, Kingfisher Campground, Kinnikinnik Campground, Knebal Springs Campground, Lake Celilo, Lake Harriet Campground, Lazy Bend Campground, Little Badger Campground, Little Crater Lake Campground - Mount Hood NF, Little Fan Creek Campground, Little John Sno-Park, Lockaby Campground, Lost Creek Campground, Lost Lake Campground- Mount Hood NF, Lower Crossing Campground, Lower Lake Campground, Lower White River Wilderness, Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness, McCubbins Gulch Campground & Overflow Campground, McNeil Campground, Meditation Point Campground, Mount Hood Meadows Ski Area, Mount Hood National Recreation Area, Mount Hood Wilderness, Mt. Hood Skibowl, North Arm Campground, Oak Fork Campground, Olallie Meadow Campground and Cabin, Paul Dennis Campground, Pebble Ford Campground, Peninsula Campground, Pine Point Campground, Post Camp Campground, Raab Campground, Rainbow Campground, Rainy Lake Campground, Riley Horse Camp Campground, Ripplebrook Campground, Riverford Campground, Riverside Campground- Mt Hood NF, Roaring River Campground- Mt. Hood NF, Roaring River Wilderness, Roaring Wild & Scenic River, Robin Hood Campground - CLOSED, Rock Creek Campground- Mt Hood, Round Lake Campground- Mt. Hood NF, Salmon Wild & Scenic River, Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness, Sandy Wild & Scenic River, Shellrock Creek Campground, Sherwood Campground, Still Creek Campground, Summit Lake Campground- Mt. Hood NF, Summit Ski Area, Sunstrip Campground, Tilly Jane Campground, Timberline Lodge Ski Area, Tollgate Campground, Triangle Lake Equestrian Campground, Trillium Lake Campground, Underhill Site Campground, Upper Zigzag Wild and Scenic River, Valley View Cabin -CLOSED, Viento State Park, West Cascades Scenic Byway, White River Station Campground, White Wild & Scenic River, Wygant State Natural Area

BLM Maps

Map: Hood River OR - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
North of the Columbia River in Washington is Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, and the Yakima Indian Reservation. South of the river in Oregon is Mount Hood National Forest with Mark O Hatfield Wilderness, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, and The Dallas(Dallas City). Enjoy scenic driving on either side of the river along with camping, picnicking, and sometimes hiking or boating. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership. Map shows roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, and the township and range lines. Use this map for Washington Hunting Units 568, 572, 578, and 588; Oregon Hunting Units 41 and 42. 2009


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Map: Oregon City OR - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
From Portland, Oregon City, or Beaverton travel east and south to Hood National Forest. Explore the Clackamas River area with opportunities for camping, fishing, and hiking along the way. Visit any of the several state parks or natural areas south of Portland with possibilities for camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and wildlife viewing. Map shows Portland south to Silverton, and Newberg east to Brightwood. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership. This map shows roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, and the township and range lines. Map is useful for OR Hunting Unit 15 and 16. 2004


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Map: Vancouver WA - Surface Management
Agency: BLM
In Oregon map shows north Portland, the Columbia River from Sandy Island east to Warrendale, and a small north section of Mt. Hood National Forest/Columbia Gorge National Recreation Area. In Washington map shows a section of Gifford Pinchot National Forest east of Yacolt WA, Vancouver WA, the Columbia River, and Ridgefield National Wildlife Area. Scenic driving on the roads on either side of the river, or exploring in either national forest will make for a great day trip. Official Bureau of Land Management metric topographic map @1:100,000 scale (roughly 3/4"`1 mile), color-coded to show surface management, i.e. agency vs. private or tribal ownership.This map shows roads, water features, recreation sites, points of interest, and the township and range lines. Map is useful for OR Hunting Units 11, 15, and 16; WA Hunting Units 564 and 568. Currently both the versions with mineral management and/or surface management are available. 1984


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Other Maps

Oregon Road and Recreation Atlas
Agency: Other
Benchmark maps are maps for the true public lands lover. Half of the beautifully detailed book shows digitally-rendered terrain, and the other half shows surface management- ideal for BLM lands users, hunters, hikers, and other off-the-beaten-track explorers. A great reference to have when traveling in Oregon or planning day trips from any city in Oregon. Atlas includes recreation guide pages with suggestions for cultural/historic places to visit, campgrounds in national forests, on BLM land, or in state parks, and lakes for boating and fishing. The maps are fully compatible with GPS technology, and all roads shown are negotiable in a passenger vehicle. The large scale is 1:250,000 or 1"= 4 miles. 2014


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Oregon Atlas & Gazetteer
Agency: Other
This atlas is a great reference to have for Oregon residents or for visitors traveling in the state. Whether you are on the coast, camping in a national forest, or scenic driving by Hells Canyon, there is information for you. Atlas gives suggestions and information for family outings, unique natural features, numerous fishing sites, outdoor adventures, and lists of recreation areas. GPS-compatible topographic maps for the entire state offer detail on backroads, recreation areas, and many hiking trails. Western Oregon is covered with higher details, including the Cascades and the Coast Range. Scale varies from 1:150,000 (1=2.4 miles) to 1:300,000 (1=4.8 miles). 2013

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